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Recruitment Bootcamp has a very simple mission – to improve recruitment practices within the creative sector in the UK, creating a positive, beneficial and enjoyable experience for everyone involved in the process – that’s both the recruiter and the candidate.

The purpose of this course is to coach and help those who are willing to adopt a totally different approach to recruitment.  Those who want to learn how to be more effective, more efficient, more appealing to their potential employees and to recruit properly!

With an online audio course, we can reach more people, and get a chance to offer honest and accurate information on how to recruit and to teach skills that so often, people never get taught.

In all honesty, recruitment should be fun! People who are recruiting should be thinking “I’m so pleased and excited that we’ve got an opportunity to get a great new person into the team“ – and really mean it!

We did consider if “bootcamp” was a bit strong in terms of what we’ve called the course, but a quick check on the internet came up with “a short, intensive, and rigorous course of training”, so we figured that was about right!

You will learn all sorts of skills, will be given information you may never have even thought about, you’ll finish the course with a plan, and with a clear direction on how you want to recruit people for your business, and who those people are!

We do need to make it absolutely clear that this is not a course in HR which is totally, different to recruitment.  Recruitment is just one aspect of HR, and this course is to learn how to recruit.  HR Bootcamp (coming later) will offer information on HR!


What’s in the course?


Twelve audio modules with scripts, workbooks, bonuses and resource guides for all delegates including lifetime access to the course (including all updates) 

The course commences every Monday, and the audio modules, workbooks and support information will be released every working day for two weeks. 

Any queries or questions, please email


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In a recent study by Henley Business school, it was discovered that 1 in 4 adults in the UK at the moment have a ‘side hustle’ alongside their main job.

People aged between 25 and 34 are most likely to have one with 37% of Generation Y managing their own businesses.


So what is a side hustle?

‘A small business or secondary job that someone has in addition to their main career, taken on either to meet a financial need, or to fulfil a passion!’

In fact 73% of these types of business are started to allow people to follow their passion, and to increase their life satisfaction which is an incredible figure.

If ever there was a time to start your own business or side hustle the time is now!

Celia Gadd launched Passion to Pocket in April 2021, as we emerged from the lockdown, as it was evident that lots of people wanted the freedom and choices of running their own business, but many did not have the confidence or expertise to successfully get one off the ground.

Celia has been a successful entrepreneur for 3 decades, and has plenty of experience, knowledge, and top tips for anyone who wants to build a successful business.

There are several options for those looking to expand their personal career choices, with network marketing offering one way to add an additional income stream, as well as the opportunity now to create passive and semi-passive income opportunities through on-line e-books, courses and coaching.


What you’ll get out of it:

Whether you want to start a traditional retail product-based business, or launch into network marketing, or promote yourself in the online world, Celia can help, support, and guide you.

Passion to Pocket has a great Facebook community at where Celia and others share their advice and support, through a series of FB live trainings and other courses.

As well as group coaching, and FREE masterclasses and training, Celia also provides 1:1 coaching through a 6-week programme which can be tailored to suit the individual but covers mindset, money blocks, goal setting, time blocking and management, social media strategies and much more!

If you would like a friendly chat, just to find out how Celia can help you and to discuss your business ideas or strategies please email

Here is a testimonial from one of Celia’s clients:

“My confidence levels are extremely low, and I really have no idea how to move forward – I’ve spent hours and hours on my business but seem to be wading through treacle and making no progress’’

Well, this is honestly how I felt last year before I came across Celia’s 1:1 sessions.

Having had a short conversation with Celia about how I felt, I soon came to realise that she might be able to help me understand why I was feeling like this and give me the confidence and knowledge that I needed to move forward.

I was initially hesitant to commit time and money to these sessions and had a long chat to my family about how I felt. They were very supportive, and knowing that personal development together with the importance of following a successful person on the path to where you want to travel is one of the keys to success, I decided to give it a go and see where it took me.

The first few sessions were tailored specifically towards understanding what was holding me back and removing all those gremlins that I had harboured and let build up over the years. Celia had a special way of teasing out those issues in a kind and considerate way with such empathy, that I soon started to get over my confidence issues.

Her knowledge, kindness, fun loving character and professionalism spurred me on with a new determination and energy and I started see my business move forward once again.

But much more than that, I now feel that it has totally changed my outlook on life and given me the foundation and building blocks to achieve whatever I want to do in the future.

Celia is still there at the end of the phone if I have any worries or queries and the support has just gone on and on far beyond the 1:1 sessions. I can honestly say that it was the best money I could have spent over the last few months and feel hugely grateful to have had this once in a lifetime opportunity to turn my life around and help others in the process. Thank you so much Celia.

Vanessa Blackledge, Somerset.


Meet your coach

Celia has also built her own very successful ‘side hustle’ through her business with UW (Utility Warehouse) since joining the company in 2009.

This is an ideal ‘bolt on’ for anyone in the UK as it is simply a way to help people have more money back in their own pockets. She has now reached one of the top levels in the business, is a company trainer and has a team of nearly 1000 partners all around the UK.

To find out more about that go to

For useful news, articles, blog posts about careers and recruitment

Career Academy brings together six decades of recruitment experience from the founding partners Liz Gadd, Rebecca Hodgson and Celia Gadd.

Career Academy is a resource for candidates working in the creative sector in the UK, or those wishing to enter the creative industries so that’s roles in marketing, PR, creative, design, production, digital, communications, and social media. We place people at all levels through our recruitment agencies Moxie and Mettle and Rustic and Rural. We also have a training and coaching offer for clients who are recruiting – Recruitment Bootcamp.


What you’ll get out of it:

For you, Career Academy brings you information, resources, advice and help on your career in the creative sector.  From writing a winning CV through to advice on the all important interview, to best first impressions when you start your new job…it’s all in the content on the site….and we have fresh content every week.

We’ve brought together a team of experts who can offer you individual support and advice if you would like to get in touch with them, and who will be featured on the site regularly with blog posts and helpful information for you.

And you can email too, if you’ve got a particular question you’d like help with, or if you’d like an introduction to the teams over at the recruitment agencies who can also help you with finding a job.

For useful news, articles, blog posts about careers and recruitment

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