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November 23, 2022 |
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Liz Gadd
Free Freelancer Masterclass

The first FREE Freelancer Masterclass in a series, brought to you by Liz Gadd from Moxie and Mettle and Career Academy, this Thursday, 24 November 2022 at 12.30pm (GTE).


Liz Gadd will present her Top 5 Tips for gaining new clients and more work in 2023 and beyond! Having placed both freelance and permanent candidates into creative roles for over three decades, Liz will share her top tips for freelancers. As well as how best to use LinkedIn, what clients look for in applications, some information about fees and charging. And finally, how to promote yourself and stand out in a busy market.


If you are a freelancer working in marketing, creative, PR, communications, digital, social or events, you’ll get some great tips. But also ensuring that you’ve a steady workflow for 2023!


This workshop is free for freelancers, and will be recorded, so if you sign up you’ll get the recording too! Just head out to the Freelancer Masterclass website and sign up. You’ll get a Zoom link invitation and a recording after the FREE Freelancer masterclass.


Not a Freelancer? Then check our useful blog posts that could help you find a great new job. From interviewing tips and tricks to preparing your CV and Cover Letter, make sure you have the best chance of landing the job. 


Liz Gadd

Liz has been working as a recruiter for three decades, working within marketing and PR since 1992, and of course more recently in social media and digital marketing recruitment.

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